Dear Divine Soul,

Here are a few mantras that you might enjoy. Note: you can also search online for the complete, no-frills renderings of these ancient mantras, and you should find these available to you, free of cost. Also, an online search would reveal the meanings of these mantras in great depth (choose a quality source). Finally, the source of all mantras including the greatest, lay within your very being.

1. Sacred Chants of Shiva: from the banks of the Ganges. Artists: Singers of the Art of Living. Produced by Times Music Spiritual. 
I like this meditative CD just before and during sleep, in relaxation, and into meditation. Cover includes brief explanation of mantras. It is my experience that quality of sleep seems to change (it deepens markedly) with use of this mantras just before falling asleep. Wonderful.

2. Hari Om Tat Sat.  Artist: Veena Sahasrabuddhe. Produced by Narayan Agrawai.
This CD contains one mantra. The cover of the CD includes an explanation of this mantra. My impression: beautiful soothing, balancing, serene, lovely healing sounds/energy. Quite enjoyed.

3. Shanti Mantra. Atrist: Uma Mohan. Produce by Uma Mohan.
Cover includes a brief explanation of the mantras

4. Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya.
Used by me in my personal celebration of life, joy, bliss.

5. The Soul of Healing Meditations. Artist: Deepak Chopra. Produced by Rasa Music. 
A guided mediation and healing CD. Includes an overview of intent, attention, and mantras within the CD, as well as a written synopsis of contents. I find it is a nice bridge between past and present worlds of understanding.

6. Chants of India. Artist: Ravi Shankar. Produced by George Harrison. 
This CD includes an interestingly rendered Mahamrityunjaya Mantra aka the Life Giving Prayer or Moksa (i.e. liberation) Mantra from Sanatana Dharma; a Shiva (i.e. innermost self; absolute) mantra. The Chants of India CD also includes the Gaayatri Mantra, and (sadly, only a portion of) Omkaaraaya Namaha (a wonderful hymn).

Infinite Love and Hugs,