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It is raining in the month of Savan,
I like the rain coming down.
In Savan, my heart starts to pine,
I hear the sound of Hari coming.
The clouds have rolled in from all sides,
lightening occurs and it pours.
Tiny drops come from the clouds,
and I enjoy the cool breeze.

O Lord of Mira, called Giridhar Nagar,
The cloudy season is for singing joyfully.

Source: Hindi Poets/mira bai.


A Great Yogi

In my travels I spent time with a great yogi.

Once he said to me:
“Become so still you hear the blood flowing through your veins.”

One night as I sat in quiet,
I seemed on the verge of entering a world inside so vast
I know it is the source of
all of

Source: Old Poetry/mirabai.


That dark Dweller in Braj
Is my only refuge.

O my companion,
Worldly comfort is an illusion,
As soon you get it, it goes.

I have chosen the
Indestructible for my refuge,
Him whom the snake of death
Will not devour.

My Beloved dwells in my heart,
I have actually seen that Abode of Joy.
Mira's Lord is Hari, the Indestructible.

My Lord,
I have taken refuge with Thee;
Thy slave.

Source: Poet Seers/mirabai.

If by bathing daily God could be realized
Sooner would I be a whale in the deep;

If by eating roots and fruits He could be known
Gladly I would choose the form of a goat;

If the counting of rosaries uncovered Him
I would say my prayers on mammoth beads;

If bowing before stone images unveiled Him
A flinty mountain I would humbly worship;

If by drinking milk the Lord could be imbibed
Many calves and children would know Him;

If abandoning one's wife could summon God
Would not thousands be eunuchs?

Mirabai knows that to find the Divine One,
The only indispensable is Love.

Source: Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda. Autobiography of a Yogi. 1946. United States of America: Self Realization Fellowship. 74-75.


O Deluded ones! God (Hari) resides in the heart of His devotees, gopis (i.e. devotees).
Why are you wandering in the forest while He, the nearest and dearest one, is your very self?
Why are you criss-crossing forests and various places, having put on a show of renunciation?
The Lord is neither in the forest nor in strange lonely places...
You may go to Kashi (i.e. Banares) and bathe in the Ganges during your pilgrimage
But the Lord is neither in the water nor in the wind...
You may perform with the help of deluded priests: havans, yagnas, and other rituals to satisfy your idiosyncrasies
...But the Lord is neither in havans or fire worship rituals.
Gopi Mira's lover is the perfect gentleman Giridhar, whom she has married eternally.
O Deluded worldly people! The Lord truly resides in the heart of His gopis (i.e. devotees).

Source: Gitananda/mirabai.

I am Married to the Eternal Husband

(Note: the interpretation below is based on a portion of Swami Radhanandaji's translation and interpretation. Simply follow the link below for his original text. Also, items in parenthesis have been added to the text.)

O my companion, saheli, I am married to the Eternal Husband (i.e. Brahman; God). I am now married to The Indivisible Husband (soul/atma is one with paramatma; I experience/live/know that my soul or atma is brahman, i.e., that I am One with the Absolute).

After having gone through eighty four lakhs (8.4 million) birth and death cycles, I have suffered a great deal in this ocean of samsar (i.e. illusion/fictitious, temporal, material, worldly or superficial life). (Such a) worldly life and the (or: its) samsari relatives are all terribly deceptive; seeing and repeatedly experiencing this, I shiver. The entire family and those associated with them are all selfish, yet now I am relieved from this deceptive world.

After taking this birth, I have suffered immeasurably having lived a married worldly life and establishing a household. Yet, I am now very joyous in the company of saints, and feel at peace having established in a single goal (i.e. to remember/celebrate One-ness or knowledge of "marriage" to the Lord, and being "unmarried" to the worldly/illusion/duality-consciousness) in this life, (hence/I therefore live) without doubts or confusion.

I have overcome the worldly thirst (a reference to duality-consciousness; illusion; sin-consciousness; materialism at the expense of spiritual/deeper pursuits; greed, etc.) due to infinite grace of Truth, Shri Krishna and the Sadguru (i.e., the great teacher) within.

Gopi Mira's Lord is Giridhar (a historical/stylistic/scriptural reference/metaphor. Also related: I know/have the Lord, who is Everything/everywhere present). He is the true civilized, dependable, pure, selfless friend and husband. I now surrender at the feet of saints.

Source: Gitananda/mirabai.


The Dagger

The dagger of love has pierced my heart.

I was going to the river to fetch water,
A golden pitcher on my head.
Hariji has bound me
By the thin thread of love,
And wherever He draws me,
Thither I go.

Mira's Lord is the courtly Giridhara:
This is the nature
Of his dark and beautiful form.

Source: Poet Seers/mirabai.

This infamy, O my Prince, is delicious! Some revile me, others applaud,
I simply follow my incomprehensible road.
A razor-thin path but you meet some good people,
A terrible path, but you hear a true word.

Turn back? Because the wretched stare and see nothing?
O Mira's lord is noble and dark, and slanderers
Rake only themselves, over the coals.

Source: For love of the Dark One: songs of Mirabai.
Translated by Andrew Schelling (at Poet


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