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a d d i t i o n a l     f r e e     r e s o u r c e s
  community development   resources for living, loving and enlightenment
Canadian Ethnocultural Council Cosmic Energy has Become All (video)
Societies that Foster Belonging Improve Health Kundalini Yoga
Tools for an Inclusive Ontario Lectures on Raja Yoga
  ...visit links for more. Life and Teachings of Lord Jesus
  Moksha (video)
On the Existence of Ghosts  (video)
  To Thine Own Self be True
  miracles and divine grace Yoga, Meditation and Japa Sadhana
Divine Grace (Divyakrupa) Yoga Sutras by Pantajali. (Tips here - last item listed).
Miracles of Sivananda  
  The Endeavour I (poetry by Eppi Sukhu)
  The Endeavour II (poetry by Eppi Sukhu)
  Meditative Music/Mantras on CD
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